BP Suggestion (and other things)

I’ve played Rust for over a year now and used to love it but the last few months I’ve rarely touched it due to absolute frustration with the game.This isn’t going to be a “Rust is s**t” post, but a post highlighting how I play the game and how it seems unbalanced for my play style. I know some people will love the game as is but I just wanted to put my idea out there (somebody else will probably have had it but hey) and see if it received a positive response. I do believe the Clan players should not be punished for playing as a large group and should see an advantage for playing this way - just not as bigger advantage as now.

I’ll apologise now if this becomes scrappy but its late and I’m tired - anyhow here goes…

My playstyle is either lone wolf or playing with my rl friend - when I was into it I would probably play 4-5 nights, 3-4 hours a time. We could build a base that wasn’t unraidable but trial and error had got us a decent rough design that was unattractive to players and we could last a few days without getting raided. Now, when we log back in everything has gone. Clans with ridiculous amounts of C4 & Rockets wipe our base off the map and we have got sick of having to start again every time. Also, unless you start on a server straight after full wipe you are facing clans armed to the teeth who have nothing else to do than kill nakeds as its so easy for them to raid bases - I guess they are bored. They dont even need the resources. That for me shows a big problem with the game - a clan can reach endgame in an afternoon and then spend the next pre-wipe period griefing everybody. I loved the player interaction in Rust but that is now pretty much non-existent I’ve found.

Feel free to agree/disagree/develop but my idea would be to completely change the way BP’s work (Durability of walls, doors, etc would probably need to be adapted but thats by-the-by for now). “Learning” BP’s would pretty much go out of the window and I would bring in BP’s that allow you to build a set amount. For example there would be Rare BP’s that let you build 1 C4 (as long as you have the ingredients in your inventory), Super Rare BP for 3xC4 and Ultra Rare for 6xC4. If you have the items you can build them, if not you have to store the BP until you do. I would apply this to guns, ammo, rockets, armor, etc to give these items real value. Guns, etc might not be repairable either (discuss as not sure on that one!)

Think of the gameplay -
You find a BP for 3 x AK’s and one for bullets. You have the resource so you build them in your base. Now are you going to go on a resource run with one of your precious AK’s? I wouldn’t for fear of losing it while hacking at a tree.
Want to go raiding? Are you going to take a precious gun or C4 out blindly looking for a base? Nope, I would go and scout out some targets and then return for the goods. What if I see two guys (or gals) on the way to the raid target. Am i going to engage them and risk losing my stuff, or gain theirs? Or do i stealthily let them slip away? I feel this would put value on the goods so there would be a real risk/reward mechanic.
You got BP’s but need resources to build - trade with someone in the opposite position. Maybe you will survive and prosper by running for and selling BP’s. Or maybe by harvesting resource and trading? Whichever way - more interaction between players.
And if you do raid someone and find some C4/Guns - think of the achievement.

Another side to this would be that a large clan would still hold the advantage as they have the members to go find the BP’s. But if a large clan took over a server and went about their usual business killing nakeds and generally pissing people off, what if the minority INTERACTED and banded together to raid the Clan and took all there stuff? They cant just build C4 and guns and go get it back. They would have to slowly build themselves back-up allowing somebody else to be dominant for a bit. And the cycle could continue again and again. Imagine being the lone wolf who found a weakspot, spent 3 hours picking through walls and managed to topple the main clan on the server - that would be awesome!

I would get rid of the heli as it would be too OP against your limited arsenals and tbh it just pisses me off anyway.

Not sure what you would do with tools, stone walls, etc - limited BP’s or permanently learnt I don’t know.

I also think durability would need to be reduced on walls (for tools only) so poor-man raiding can be done again. Not made too easy but I would go back to how it was before the durability was upped.

Also, Maybe this would provide the environment in which tool cupboards could be scrapped?

Thats my rambling done - there’s more to this in my head but I’m too tired to get it all down and I hope you get the jist of what I’m trying to say. I feel this would allow all play styles to play within the same environment, and because of the higher risk involved with losing precious cargo, there would be less casual aggression (KOS) and more interaction - but tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading and maybe see you in-game

Bps are out. Xp systems

Perhaps there can be a cooldown when crafting items like a certain amount per 24 hrs or so.


Sounds like good idea! :smiley: But perhaps not that much though. Maybe 3-6h cooldown per C4, and C4 only

So you want to kill solo players? and buff groups again? well thought