BP - Supply Signal - can you research them?

a player on my server asked if you can research a Signal Flare. I see a BP for it under Admin F1/Item List/Tool

I hope not, because they only take like 20 gun powder and a few metal frags…that won’t be good lol, talk about airdrop spam

it cannot be researched, but some people claimed they found a blueprint for it. there are rumors that only mod server spawn the blueprint for it as a result of a broken plugin. It is not confirmed if the bluepirnt can spawn on vanilla servers.

as a server admin, I was able to give myself a BP. I wanted to make sure you could not get one in game OR research one. do we have an official statement on this?

The answer is no, it’s not a BP. Only a very, (very) rare item to find. Haven’t seen anyone use it so far. Unless to far away from my location.

But when the patch came out, they streamed the upcoming stuff. And clearly stated, it will never be a BP. But as stated above, only the admins of servers are able to craft/get one, because of their “powers”.

yep I was able to verify on my server that as an admin I can get the BP and craft but others can not do so.

I also tried one. I found that the time it takes from the usage to the plane is much longer than in legacy.

also the burn time is very long, at least it burned long after the airdrop.

But if admins were able to craft one / get one what do they take ? like what does it cost to make one