BPSSource 1.2.3 download..??

This is mapping related, just let me know if im wrong, but anyways, i cannot find a download link for BPSSource 1.2.3 or 1.3 beta…
the link is down http://nuclearvelocity.com/barracuda/downloads/apps/bspsource/
I need it to decompile a map I have, as its giving me that overflow error, would anyone know where I could obtain BPSSource??


This is the third time i have written this…

Is it your map you’re decompiling? Because if it’s not we frown upon that.

I’m trying to decompile a map that needs massive optimisation, this special version has no vmf, it got deleted… oops… :expressionless:
i hear BPSSource is much much better then VMEX…

If you decompile it will fuck up the map even more.

fun… lol…

irony at its finest

I’ll keep an eye on this thread. I just formatted my computer and having BSPsource would be great. VMEX cant decompile Portal2 Maps.

I have a copy of BSPSource which I’ve uploaded -Here.-

I don’t know if it’s 1.2.3, but it’s post-1.2 with some Portal 2 support.

The author said that he hopes to have a mirror up later today!

Also, VMEX does not eat Dota 2 maps, the latest version of BSPsource does.