This is a map(My first one) I was working with under October but I then stopped working with it because I ran out of ideas, so I thought I would ask here on facepunch what I could add/improve about this map. I’m open for any type of suggestions.
My plan is to make the map as big as possible and mix together tons of different things like small towns and different kind of biomes.

Here are some images of “finished” sections of the map.

More images at the trello. (And the ones above but in higher resolution)

This is a suggestion:maybe you could add an abandoned mining complex near that shaft in the southern corner of the map,with housing projects,a garage and a gas station as well.

its coming on very nicely. i can see what youre trying to make with that fog but to make it work you should play around with some different skyboxes and maybe reduce the view distance. perhaps add some cliff walls as some map boundaries.