Braaaaains' Guide to Editing

This is a quick guide to editing your Gmod poses in Photoshop. In this tutorial I’ll be covering the process of pretty much the majority of my screenshots.


-Some knowledge of Photoshop
-Effects (List below)
-Graphics Tablet (Optional)
-A high resolution screenshot. [You can leave your game at low quality when posing, but crank up the graphics to max when taking a screenshot to make your life way easier and set your screenshot quality to 100. You really don’t want your pose to be ruined by crappy graphics and bad compression. Also be sure to stand back and ZOOM IN to take the screen, and have light sources where necessary, for example if you want a gun firing then place an orange light near the gun’s barrel.]


Personally I use Action Essentials, you can get it here: There are alternative methods of obtaining this which I won’t go into.

Alternatively you could use Detonation Films, which are completely free:

You can also take screenshots of effects in Gmod against a black background:

Tho I wouldn’t stick to the effects given to you, I strongly suggest you search Google for other effects as well, you don’t wanna be using the same muzzle flashes or effects for every screenshot you do.

For the sake of the tutorial, I’ll be using Action Essentials.

Getting started;

So we have an ok-looking image. Nothing too special, it could use some editing. First, we’re going to use Auto-Colour [Shift+Ctrl+B]. This changes the colours slightly, makes them less vibrant. It’s entirely optional and doesn’t work correctly 100% of the time, but it’s just a personal tweak I do before I apply the effects.

Now it’s time to add the effects, this is by far the easiest part of editing, it takes little to no effort. First, re-size and move your effect to where you want it to be placed.

Then select Screen from the dropdown menu.

BAM! It’s literally as simple as that. You can screen over as many effect as you like provided that they are on a black background.

Finishing Touches;

So now your pose is looking pretty snazzy right? It still needs some minor tweaking however. Next we’re going to change the levels [CTRL+L] and give the image some of it’s contrast back. Every image is different so change these to your personal taste.

Now we’re going to sharpen it a little, [FILTER> SHARPEN > SMART SHARPEN] Be sure to not make it too sharp, anything above 30 is way too much.

You can keep tweaking the settings to how you see fit. And that’s it! Your image is complete!


Now you need to upload it. Unfortunately there are sites that will ruin your work by compressing your image, or will require you to register to collect your uploaded screenshot. Here’s a list of recommended and blacklisted sites.

Recommended (Last Resort)



If you have any questions then feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer.

Good thread, this will come in handy

I’ve been wondering for awhile now, but how do people get those light sources (On the muzzle of the gun) without the light in the way? For example, theres just light on the end of the gun in the example pic, but when I spawn a light, its like this:

Or is it that you’re doing something completely different?

Normally that’s a lot of editing, or if you’re lazy you could no-collide the light and the gun

Can’t you just take out the light itself (not the glow) with the Colour tool?

Just use the color tool and set it to 0 opacity…

I do, but the glow disappears with it.

Oh wow. I completely forgot about opacity. It works! Thanks!

this is, like, the laziest tutorial ever haha

> auto-colour
> past in random effects
> mess with levels
> sharpen

auto-colour is the most useless thing i can think of. you’re just letting photoshop change the mood of your picture based off some mathematical calculations. did you want your picture blue for a reason? does it tell a story? does it help the picture read better? i’m not sure what you wanted from auto-colour. your comparison shot of “before and after auto-colour” doesn’t show any positive improvements to the image, it’s just… different. in neither a bad or good way

Yeah, the color adjust tool is pretty powerful, I wouldn’t just let photoshop decide for me. What I do sometimes, is duplicate the layer, use autocolor, and then blend it back into my base layer at a low opacity. This will neutralize some colors a little bit, and then you can color it from there with a more balanced palette.

The muzzle flash doesn’t even look like it’s facing the right way. Almost as if it was just pasted on. Oh wait. . .

That’s… not a very good tutorial.
You’re giving basic tips without even explaining them properly, and the final result isn’t very good.

I learned from this tutorial.

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The heavy’s face is really greasy.

Action Essentials is all video.

With the colour tool you dont make it 0 opacity. You make it like 20 opacity and it will still work. :slight_smile: