Brace for Impact

I spent quite some time on this, at least an hour and a half getting it right.


/speed poast

2 minutes isnt a speed post.
Good job on the pic, tough!

it said one minute though!!

Wow, with such high speed and trees everywhere, they’re fucked.

Not to mention the plane being on fire

Don’t you notice in some movies and videogames the pilots of crashing vehicles sound so calm when saying “We’re going down.”? Try doing that in this!

Pretty much.


Updated the smoke a bit, was way too blue.

At first time i though he was crashing into a cliff. Don’t rotate cameras like that. The rest is good.

He’s screwed. Nice editing.

What’s the plane from?

Pretty much. Those evergreens are going to make scrap metal out of the plane.

Hmm, the editing could use a little touching up. The flames look sort of like small candle flames when you consider their shape, a bigger fire would be more violent and whispy, and you should have cut off the areas that are being blocked by the engine . As for the smoke, it would have looked better if, rather than just darkening the inside, darken it so that it looks like a shadow on the smoke (sort of fading from lighter to darker from top to the bottom) It would help it to look more like smoke.

Also, if you are going to zoom blur it, make sure the center of the blur is off the picture, otherwise you have a random spot on the screen with no motion blur on it.

Reminds me of trying to land a plane in IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey on simulator mode.

Think about it. The flames from the damaged engine are smooth because they are being pulled back by 200+MPH of wind. The flames in the intake is the engine burning and the flames coming out the side are coming out the damaged sections.

I agree on the smoke and blur, though. I should have expanded the canvas and set the blur point off picture.

How is your radial blur not grainy?

If you actually bothered to look in the models section, you might find it.

Instead of just doing the radial blur I duplicated the background layer [after isolation] and radial blurred the top one. I then adjusted the opacity by about 4% to blend out the grain. Also Filters>blur>Blur once to clean up any hard edges.

Also doing it at ‘best’ quality or whatever helps.

it’s called keeping your composure.

it’s what professionals practice.

lol, keeping my composure, please.
If the planes GOING DOWN, like I mean, NOTHING can be done about it, why the FUCK isn’t this guy parachuteing/ejecting. A-10’s do have that life-saving feature…

How come boeings don’t have ejection seats? now that I think about it.