Brain Damage


Drain Bead. He is no drain bead.


He has the same IQ as the demoman :v:

Oh my Good god.

Sweet jesus

sombody fell out of the ugly tree, hitting every ugly branch on the way down, strait in to a hornets nest.


“I no hav drain bamage, i ok tyo fight!”

fucking cracks me up lol

Dain bramaged.

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Fuck, beaten too it. I really should read the comments before I post :confused:

That’s where Vodka gets you, Rusky! (Not trying to offend Russians. I don’t have any problem with them.)


Translated: ‘‘Hurr…’’

Anyway, I’ve never had so many comments before, lol.

Thanks y’all.

I felt really bad when i looked at this picture

haha awesome man!