BrainBread Weapon Pack 1 - Sawed off and .44S&W

Yep! You may have seen the thread with the sawed off shotgun. Well, I got it working fine (other than having to take out tracers, no biggy though) and I also converted the .44S&W Revolver. It gave no errors whatsoever.

You’ll need to download two files today, the sounds, which will only needed to be downloaded once because they contain ALL the weapon sounds, and of course the model pack.

First, some pictures!

Sawed off shotgun

.44S&W Revolver

Now for the downloads.

BrainBread Weapon Sounds (only need to be downloaded once for all the model packs!

BrainBread Weapon Pack 1

And the readme for BBWP1 is as such:

I hope you like it. I spent a good day converting these. :v:

Thanks to Neo for fixing up the Sawed off. :v:


I’ve been thinking of downloading BrainBread, is it anything like Zombie Panic? (If you die you become a zombie until all Humans are dead)


Sweet :smiley:
Zombies here I come :smiley:

Give me two more weapons to convert.

I’m thinking about the Winchester, but its up to you! :v:

Yea yea yea yea yea yea!! I love Winchester.

I think I’ll do Winchester and one of the pistols.

With the secondary toggling how you hold the pistol! :smiley:

I just pray that the winchester won’t have the “crotch” bug, but i assume that if that happens, can’t do anything about it. For your other idea, why not the Desert Eagle?

Well. I just finished the pistol. It’s the SIG p226.

Right-click toggles between gangster and normal. And true to the game, gangster is faster and stronger, while less accurate.

Now to do the Winchester! :eng101:

I love brain breads weapons…and now there in Gmod…This could not get any more zombie killingly awesome! :smiley:

Yeah you know, never mind any of the work I did. Bitch.


Loading an animation and adding one muzzle flash…

Thanks Neo! :smiley:

And all you did was decompiled and recompiled. Look who’s talking.

I don’t think you release what all I did.

I had to completely remake the QC’s.

Then make the sound files. Change the FPS. Convert the textures.

I did a lot more than you did, Muzzle boy.


Shit that was some hard work. :rolleyes:

It wasn’t hard. It was time consuming.

Anyways I feel a flame war if we keep this up. How about I put you in credits? :v:

Edit: Looking forward to the other weapons.

So you did the sounds aswell now :v:

The only sound that needed working, I did :ninja:

Uh. jA_cOp…

Your sound was way off. I never used it.

I set up all the sounds to work individually in the QC.

So all that work for nothing. Sorry mate. :v: