A litte fucking crap video.

I liked the editing

same here

What prog did you use?

Wow! That was excellent! Great work!

Although I do believe the proper word is “mindfuck”. :v:

That was pretty sexy.

I have had


also what song was used?

I like the camera work.

nice editing indeed!

TV on the radio - red dress (the glitch mob remix)

Thank’ee. :tiphat:

Sony Vegas 8

Good editing. If you worked on something serious this could be great.

That was badass

quick and entertaining. clean editing!

Why on earth would you call that crap? This is the shizz.

Can’t love it enough.

He tends to do that

Fox that was great, I love your editing and I loved your audio and video sync. Your intro shot was awesome, one of the best POV shots I have seen. Great job man and I can’t wait to see some more videos from you.