Brainstorm Ideas for a "Perfect" RP Gamemode Here

After a few years of playing Garry’s Mod, I’ve found that RP tends to be one of the only gamemodes that catches my attention for too long. Yet, time after time, I’ve found that the roleplaying community and almost every rp gamemode simply sucks. Over and over again, I find myself in a room filled to the top with RDMing mingebags and/or whiny kids whose balls have yet to drop, and thus, should not have access to a microphone.

It’s sad, I’ve tried some actual “Serious RP” servers but if you’re like me you’ve probably noticed something: they’re boring as hell. It’s not that I’m not shooting anything, it’s that I’m not doing anything. And every serious RP server seems to be the same way, wandering around, running into people who suck at roleplaying, and being stuck with complete assholes who refuse to offer me any help with their server.

What is the problem with roleplaying? Is it the guns? Is it the admins? The mingebags? Or is it simply that DarkRP is pratically the only RP gamemode that’s still played, yet the chances of being able to have a relaxing and enjoyable time on DarkRP is next to nothing?

Well, I’ve only been RPing on Gmod for around 2 years, and I just haven’t been having fun on one of these servers in a long time. I’m just looking to make a brand new RP gamemode that fixes every single problem with RPing today, or at least make an attempt. So I’ve created this thread for your arguements and ideas to combine with mine and others, to maybe find a way to create the perfect gamemode.

So, let me post the barebones structure for my idea, and we’ll see how you agree.

First, the general goals of this gamemode.

  1. To find the median between too much freedom and too little freedom.
  2. To find the median between too much to do and too little to do.
  3. To find a method or the perfect way to govern over players and prevent RDMing, propkilling, etc.
  4. To find a way to make a nicely working economy, somewhere between server controlled and player controlled.
  5. Overall, to provide for a roleplaying gamemode that produces memorable experiences, cooperative players with good intentions, without forcing players to repetitive tasks and less freedom.

So, that’s that, I’ll be back later with actual ideas on how the gamemode works.

I don’t think RP can be changed, everyone that tries to fix up RP turns the “good” gamemode they wanted into something worse than DarkRP, so tread lightly, RP is hallow ground.

Anyways, good luck with it!

Thanks for the… um… inspiration. :slight_smile: