Hello, I am a huge fan of rust, having been played it for only one day^^. Pff so i thought i would give some feedback. I just started up a software developing company myself with some IT professors, so i know how important it is, to get feedback. Also, great improvements may come out of random ideas which i am going to post.

Well, first of all i believe, most ideas might be crazy and never going to happen, but i still share some thoughts.

1. Servers Bigger servers please, maybe MMO even.

2. Murdering Something to stop deliberate deathmatching. It is fairly difficult and annoying to start out from zero in official servers.

3. Hunting systemFirstly, please make arrows retrievable. If not all, then some of them.
Secondly, make rivers and some nice waterfalls, with a realistic fishing system. For example when harpoon is used, then player must manually aim the fish, to catch it.

4. Craftable car system I have figure out how any player can design and build cars with ease. Engines and functional parts of cars would be special items and this system doesn’t concern me. I am talking about the body and the chassis. Every player can put together steel rods to make a big form. The rods can be bent, to make some more round figures. The spaces between the rods, would be covered with metal automatically by the system. Of course the size of the body and thickness(bullet resistance) would depend on resources carried. Ant, what’s more-player can design just one half of the car, the second half can be done automatically, as it is identical. Player could even leave some parts of body uncovered, to make like, turret holes to mount weapons.That way cars would be fun and fully customisable, think, some clans can create their own style and so on. Well this is my crazy idea, which might damage the gameplay, if the cars would be built OP, also it might stress the performance, but in the other hand, its always possible to make them more expensive and difficult to build, so there would be less.

5. Trading systemWhere is the trading system? Drop trade doesn’t work out with strangers.

6. MoneyMoney would kill this game, never put it there.(I’m just saying.)

7. CostWhen game actually launches, make things cost more resources.

8. BoatsMaybe?

9. Steam friends’ spawnIf a player connects through a friend, make him/her spawn, where his/her friend last spawned OR atleast make that option. Today i searched for my mate for like 3 hours, getting constantly killed along the way.

10. Dungeons and caves Well, you are probably tired of me-.-

Anyway, i wish the project the best. I gave feedback being a responsible alphaplayer. If you need some kind of help, i would volunteer, i have a lot of knowledge about gaming, and how things work in IT. Also, i am a law student, so if you need some judging, i’m available.

Anyway, i am really happy on what u guys have done, i have dreamed about this game for a long time;)

  1. No
  2. Well, no.
  3. Not sure. I like it, but it’s too easy then. :stuck_out_tongue:

The rest sounds fine.

What is the actual argument for not having a trading system, i just want to know?

I have new suggestion btw. Please moderate more. There is a common hacker who has been terrorizing players for 2 days in a row with a kind of “kill all” cheat. The name is “?¿” And there has been a big buzz about him int he chat already. Hackers so common, should be removed within hours. When you don’t have enough moderating power, you can set up a competition for moderators.

haha that would be awesome!

4: Some robots , with some tasks that he can do, like : repair, search & destroy , patrol.

  1. Bigger servers: maybe. Though I doubt the feasibility, the network loads for a shooter bigger than rust already is are hard to to maintain.
  2. KOS: up to the players themselves. Though you can decrease player interaction through density and the amount of chokepoints.
  3. Hunting system: like
  4. Cars: like, but probably executed differently
  5. Trading system: quickly too secure. Trade is perfect stuff for emergent gameplay.
  6. Money: …
  7. Manufacturing cost: balancing thingy, wouldn’t call it the most important thing right now. You can also lower cost to blow stuff up. However defense is more of an issue I read. Perhaps a slider that is up to the server admins, dependent on how aggressive or survival/build oriented you want the server to be.
  8. Boats: like
  9. Finding friends: give players a shootable flare or something to find each other.
  10. Caves and dungeons: like (but I read technically complicated)

[quote=“Zaturrby, post:5, topic:156118”]

  1. Finding friends: give players a shootable flare or something to find each other.

I like that idea. Makes a lot of sense, and it would be simple to do.