"BrainWash" Movie Title

title i guess.



[raspy voice inside your mind]Make zeh comic…[/raspy voice inside your mind]


those models are getting on my nerves the don’t look good at all

you hardly see them at all, what are your nerves fretting about?

it’s not that I see the often it’s just they really don’t look good no normal maps or lack of good ones at least. If it weren’t for that I would not fret at all (or good phong)

O.K, How about you take this into a private chat instead of here.

If you’re going to have an argument, take it into a private chat,not shit the thread with it.

Smexily done

Looks bad imo, it’s just another boring military pose with ugly fonts slapped on top of it.
Not attractive at all, if I saw that for real, it definitely wouldn’t make me want to watch it.

BUT AT LEAST you didn’t filter rape it. At least.

I like the text :v:


It would fit well if this was a horror movie. It just doesn’t go well with the background. :<

You spelled ‘Something’ wrong. :v:

aw fuck, lol thanks for pointing it out. i must have typed to fast for my own good.

Also, Straight and Toughts.



How do i get stright out of straight? and thugohts out of thoughts… fuck me :confused:

Sorry but Im not into men :v:

Shit happens when you’re in a hurry.

Possibly all my old HECU poses where Gordon is brutally killing them.