BRAND NEW 100 SLOT SERVER - US West, Rust++ PVP, Sleepers, Active Admins, Clan Wars & Events, 1/2 craft, C4 ON,

We’re a group of buddies with experience in being admins on a server. We viciously hate hackers and people that abuse their admin powers, so that’s why we invested in a new server.

We’re pretty staunch anti-hack people, we’ve never liked hackers or admin abuse, and we’ve founded many servers to avoid it. So come on in if you want a legit playing experience!

We don’t want your experience to be unfair on Rust, and we’ll try to ensure it.

Edit: we also have rust++ enabled with plans for fun events and arenas if we have enough people join.

Name: (US West)|Rust++ PVP|Sleepers On|Active Admins|Clan Wars|
Port: 28045

Great server so far. Needs more people