Brand New Apocalyptic Server! Active Admin-Events-AND MORE!

Hello forum!
A new has just opened for service!
-we offer a pistol for starting players as a fair advantage against the environment as well as others/developed players.
-Admins are active, friendly, and helpful (however, they are not your wishing well).
-I myself is a fan of server events, thus such feature will be part of the server. If you have any suggestions, I am more than happy to hear it. There will be rewards for eventing.
-Official crafting time is being decided on, but as of right now, it is set on INSTANT CRAFT. (There will be a poll eventually when more players get on as to whether or not we should make changes)
-Server is hosted in New York, High performance, Low ping
-Only admin tool presence will be at events and hack investigations
Opening Event: Population reach 5- two air drops
Population reach 10- One M4 will be given to each person
Population reach 15- Event will start to host with major prizes

Come Join Us Right Now!
net.connect "

Feel free to make suggestions below.
Server Admins as of right now: Jerry (me) and Ech0es
Looking to recruit admins.