Brand New Aus/NZ Server awaiting New players =D

hey peeps just putting a post for any Aus/NZ players or anyone really looking for a new fresh server to learn on or get to know the game a bit better while its new and empty gives fresh players a chance to make a start =)

server name: [Aus/NZ] No Fluff Just Tough ( can be found in the community server list )
Slots: 200
Teamspeak? yes the server has a supported ts3 you can get that in game if u choose to join the server =)

everything is being left at default setting wise dont want another abused and raped server by admins trying to keep it fair for all

thanks for taken time to look this over hope to see some new faces around the server =)

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

Looking for an admin? pre-intrested.