Brand New Melon Friend

Melon Friend was originally introduced in the Easy Engine SVN, but since some people wanted Melon Friend on their server and not Easy Engine, if they ran a space build server, for example, I decided to repackage Melon Friend as its own addon.

Melon Friend, found in Entities, allows you to spawn a small watermelon with its own personality. It will follow you where ever you go and randomly talk to you with one of its many funny sayings. You can shoot Melon Friend and watch it cry out and explode into a plume of smoke, or you can eat the Melon Friend and watch yourself cry out and explode into a plume of smoke.

I made many changes to the file, with Sakarias’ permission. We are still working out the final details but until we do, I do URGE you not to install Melon Friend and Easy Engine SVN at the same time.

Some of these changes include:
More sayings, over 50 new “Squeaky Sayings”!
Better visual effects.
Some code updates/changes

All the credit from the original code goes to Sakarias. Thank you so much for providing everyone with hours of Melon fun and madness. I take all other credit for the changed in the code and everything else I changed.

v1.0 - Original Melon Friend released in Easy Engine SVN.
v2.0 - Melon Friend version 2 released. Added:
Smoother effects
A few more sounds.
Moved the Entity to the “Fun + Games” Category
Added its own spawn icon (Thank you Dlaor for the picture.)
v2.1 - Randomized the sound files more. Added over 50 new sounds! Updated some code.
v2.1a - Fixed the explosion effects not showing up sometimes.

Please do not rewrite the Melon Friend code over and over and upload it to Contact me so I can make the changes or add your code, and inform Sakarias so he can add the code to his SVN. Lets keep this organized.

Garry :}


Even though I will not use it, it is a good idea none the less.

MELONS! :smiley: Good job.

Please don’t take for granted that everyone knows what this does. Description please.

Sorry. Just made all the necessary modifications.

Thanks looks nice.

I played the one on Easy SVN, really cool thing.

So… Is this new version added to the Easy Engine SVN also?

Wait a sec…
This is getting added to the EE svn now?

Oops didn’t notice the thread above mine :S

Does it support subtitles?

Is this thing actually friendly, or “friendly”? I’ve already got a funny little “harmless” cube in my addons folder which, in fact, does not speak, and will not attempt to stab you, and I wonder if this is the same thing…

No, it is a melon that follows you and attacks enemies.
I forgot whether it does this already, but could you make it heal you?

Wow I should add this to all the melons in WarMelons:RTS! Imagine how not annoying that would be! End sarcasm. No disrespect meant to this project.



Sorry I haven’t gotten back. Been pretty busy.

@Sourcegamer8 & mr_fj: It may be incorporated into the Easy Engine SVN in the future.

@Jmax: It does not support its own subtitles.

@tepholman: As for making it heal you. I think this is a possibility.

@Lap: :]

@Everyone else: Thanks!

What about my question??

Please read above. I said it may be incorporated into the SVN in the near future.

I’ve noticed that someone has downloaded the file and re uploaded it in his name. There is absolutely no reason for doing this. Please note that the impostors files may contain malicious code. I have not checked this nor am I going to. The people at still haven’t dealt with the problem.

Here is a link to the imposer file:

Just wanted to warn you guys and let you know who’s really behind it all.


If I put it in the water, it dosent make any splash, how to fix this :S

Maybe it’s because it a few years old…