Brand New Server! 2-24/No-Lag/Active Admins/Airdrops/PvP/Sleeper! No crap!

As stated, we have purchased a brand new server box that is not the usual lag-fest.

If your looking for a fresh start, this is a fantastic place to be.

Vanilla for now, but will be implementing mass airdrops once per day, this will incite more pvp and generally good times. As well as some other helpful mods.


If you would like to look into our community history with servers, then you will probably understand how much time and effort we put into making sure that every server we run(100+) is up to par and runs as smoothly as possible. You can check us out at

See you there!

Please do join us on our server its lag free! There are friendly players as well as serious pvp players, so we have a variety. Currently, our new server is vanilla, there are no additions as of yet. However, there may be some added here in the near feature.

Come join us, we try to help new players progress as much as possible making the game more even and fun to play!

This server have been Great! Keep it up!

Thanks for joining guys, still lag free @ 25 players. Keep it coming!

We should try and do some activities soon!

I think some kind of scavenger hunt would be interesting.

So cool first night, mass airdrop(6 planes) dropped at same time, good pvp. Then set up a pvp minigame assault 2v10, 2 defending with prizes, great time. Also did a pve player hunt with tips, finder got basically a free house, in materials. Brought cool new people to the server.

Thanks for coming to play, more mini-games etc to come!

Fun server! I don’t play too much at a time because the game’s headbob makes me nauseous after a while, but I like to run around and scavenge up some guns for some PvP