Brand New Server! 6/18 - InstaCraft|ActiveAdmins|Essentials|NoFallDamage|TP A|

Hello there! Welcome to the thread for our server :slight_smile:


We have recently just purchased a server and would love some company!


  • 50 slots
  • RustEssentials
  • InstaCrafting
  • Teleporting! (/tpa)
  • No Fall Damage
  • Hourly Airdrops (automatic and possibly more if we reach a certain number of players)
  • Reduced C4 drop rate (craftable; subject to change)
  • Starter Kit (/kit starter; Stone Hatchet, 15 Arrows, Bow, 5 Cooked Chicken)
  • Voting Rewards (/redeem; 250 Wood, 50 Sulfur+Metal Ore)
  • Active Admins (We’ll play with the players, but still settle differences)

Current Admins:
KingDonger (Me)

Please don’t ask for Mod/Admin possition. We currently don’t need the help, but if that will change in the future depending on population and we’ll inform you on this thread.

Thanks for checking out the server and have fun if you decide to come join us! :slight_smile:


If you’re having issues finding it in your History tab, just follow these instructions:

1: Start Rust and get to the Main Menu
2: Press F1 to bring up the Console
3: Type in net.connect"
4: Join us and have some fun :slight_smile:


Would love to see some new players!


Bumping again! We’ve got 4 regular players!

Bumping! Come on and play!

Another Bump!

Bumping for the new people that joined us! :slight_smile:

Bumping! Hop on and play!