Brand New Server [GB/US] Pitbl Pit PVE/PVP C4Damage Limit reg AD

Hi Guys and Gals lukey8899, Peaches19, and Bud here:

We have recently brought a brand new server on rust and are hoping you will Join Us! There are currently no Builds on the server so complete noobs very welcome.
We plan on running a Fair but Fun server for you guys.
I have limited the C4 as I plan on having Raid Days / Clan Wars, I figure this way people will be able to defend there claimed land and know the days they need to get on to do so.
Any raids on non Raid days or Hacking will be dealt with Accordingly

we would like to build a friendly but rival community so PVE/PVP players can live in harmony!

I will also try to give you guys regular Airdrops and more players will welcome more frequent drops

Prize Airdrops for individual Players or clans will be given for Fairplay/Good Deeds to fellow Players/ and Creativeness

I have limited the server to 50 currently If volumes look to surpass 50 we will ofcourse expand.

please feel free to contact us as with any questions/complaints/enquirys

Server details as follows:

Sever Name: [GB/US] Pitbl Pit PVE/PVP C4Damage Limit reg AD

Port: 28025

PS if you would like to know what the player commands are for setting up clans etc will send instructions on request to my email address above

Thanks For reading and look forward to seeing you!

IP doesn’t work.


did you add the port on the end?

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