Brand new server! [Haven]:Newbie friendly / pvp/ half craft time/ Fair play!No Admin abuse


Brand new server just opened yesterday-
If you are sick of overpopulated, admin abused servers why don’t you start fresh with us?
We are newbie friendly and offer a beginner care package of food, some basic necessities and a one time teleport to your friend/friends (if both parties consent) to get you started-
Just talk in general and alert an admin ^.^

Server Features:

-1/2 craft time
-Beginner care package
-Rare air drops
-Sleepers on
-Active, non abusing admins
-US server

Server name:
[Haven]: Noob Friendly: Active Admin/Half Craft/Pvp/Fairplay

How to Connect:

  1. Open up the in-game console (F1)

  2. Type the following: net.connect

    Hope to see you soon!

Awesome! I’m definitely going to check this server out will post later on my experience here. I love the fact that they are giving new players a little care package and teleports to your friends it sucks trying to find them when you’re just starting!

Server sounds promising, Nice that you are helping new people out to get started, i’ll have to drop in see how it is! see ya there!

Just spent all day on the server, friendly Admin and a great environment for people to play in. Hope more people move in, once they come and see how nice it is I’m sure they’ll be sticking there!

Glad to have you guys =D We will start running events once the server fills up some more, and airdrops when there are at least 15 ppl on the server

brb hunting bears lol