Brand New Server! Located in US WEST Seattle! Fair helpful admin. Come play with us!!!

Hey Guys n Gals! We have just opened up a new server! Come play with us. We never abuse admin and we help new players get started! the ip is

A little info about our server.
It is a 24/7 daylight server with airdrops enabled! PVP is encouraged. Raids are fun. Do them, ALOT. We Run Oxide and Oxmin and work fast to eliminate all hackers, which as we all know is a problem this game has! We have door share enabled as well
And the server craft time is set to 1/4 of normal.

We are also looking for a coupe low level admins to police the server. So if your regular we will consider you!

Come have some fun and kick some ass!

-Nip aka (Staggerd)