Brand New Server Noob Friendly, Noob Items, Absolutely NO Admin Abuse, Daily Airdrops

Just wanted to announce that I have started a new server. There will be absolutely NO admin abuse!! We will be giving new comers A 1x1 house for them to place, Shotgun with ammo, Large storage crate, and food. We will also be taking suggestions from players as to what they would like to see in the server. Server name is

—{FreakyFresh /Noob Free Items/Noob Friendly/Active Admin/Daily Air drops/No Admin Abuse/Sleepers}—

IP address is

Hope to see many of you guys in our server soon.

Server Admin,

Need a population boots please feel free to join us, and questions please feel free to ask. Hope to see you soon.

I will join you if you turn off Durability and turn on Instacraft :smiley: