Brand New server! NSG Clan Server!

Hello I have decided to create a new server by My self for good reasons:

1.Hackers All over other servers!
2. Active Admins
3. We Are generous and will give everyone a chance of survival(Not Gifting to much, maybe a bow and 100 planks etc)
4.Like Building a community
5.To have fun!

Yes it is oxide Mod and yes I will add any mods you wish, However if more than half the server disagree…Im sorry just not adding it:L


24 hour day (Except Weekends)
No fall damage
No wipes
No decay
Welcome Kit gifted by NSG Mxtty
Basic Kits (Will be improved)
Anti-Hack(So speed hackers will be banned, also anyone who jumps high and kicked will be banned)
100 Slots!
Soon to be teamspeak!
Website were you can report hackers
Clip-Clap(So anyone who glitches through walls I will be notified, also when you go to your box and type /cl you can see who entered your box in the last 48 hours!
and more!

Add me on steam NSG Mxtty and message me with ‘WelcomePack01’ for free joining gift!

net.connect, I will be editing website so its neat and easy to access.