Brand New Server! Started 1/22. [US] Harmony Grove - PVP|Groups|DoorShare|Economy|HalfCraft, Oxide Mods, 150 slots.

Greetings from Harmony Grove!

This new (started 1/22/2013!) Server Information is as Follows:
[US] Harmony Grove - PVP|Groups|DoorShare|Economy|HalfCraft

To Connect Manually to the server, after you open the game, do the following:

  1. Press F1 to open console
  2. Copy and Paste this: “net.connect” into the console (without quotation marks)
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Die a lot when you join the server!

We Also Have a Free, and small, Mumble! 10 Man:
If you don’t want to use other voice chats.

To Buy Rust, go here:

Some Hints:

  1. Hold E on your Campfire to access it. Put Raw Chicken in Food Slots to cook it
  2. Hold E on your Forge to access it. Throw Metal Ore/Sulfur Ore/Cloth in there with wood (and ignite) to make Metal Fragments, Sulfur, and Leather, respectively
  3. Enter this: “grass.on false” without quotation marks into console (press F1) to turn off grass and improve performance
  4. Enter this: “censor.nudity false” without quotation marks into console (press F1) to see full penis everywhere
  5. Enter this: “suicide” without quotation marks into console (press F1) to suicide and spawn somewhere else
  6. You can spawn on the last Sleeping Bag you placed down - it takes 15 cloth to make one
  7. There is a store on our server that you can access. Type /ehelp in chat (press Enter) to see options - You can buy Cloth Armor, Ammo, Wood, Cloth, Stone Hatchets, Wood Planks, and Raw Chicken from the store at this moment.
  8. Wood Shelters can be broken down by hatchets/etc, so try and build a wooden house with a wood foundation before logging off
  9. You will die. A lot. It’s a part of the game, and boy does it make you mad. But boy does raiding that guy back and taking his stuff feel even better

We’re a new server and we hope to see you on there! We average anywhere from 7-15 people at the moment and are looking to make it a core of 40+. Airdrops happen with 10 players minimum online. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

FEATURES TO COME (once built):
PVP Arena for Prizes
Expanded Economy Functions