*Brand New Server* [Us] AnthroPvp/Sleeper/Half Craft/Airdrops(10)/No Admin abuse/Active Admins

Hello guys I am a Admin of Anthro Pvp, we are a new server just opened recently. At anthro we enjoy hardcore pvp and raids with by ourselves or even groups, seeing the lack of good servers we have attempt to create a warm environment for players near and far. We hope that you will take time to consider our server as your new home. -Dangt61


More Info:
-Pvp = On
-Sleepers = On
-Admins = Active (No abuse. If so contact me)
-Airdrops = On (limited to 10 players atm, will increase in the future)
-Wipes = No wipes unless needed.
-50 Slots = Will be upgrading when more players join.

-No spamming, raging in chat, insulting, exploiting and/or cheating.
-Language will be limited to English as players prefer it to be that way.

Future Plans:
-We will be adding a website and forums if needed (players vote)
-Maybe mod with oxide or rust++