Brand New Server! [US DALLAS][NEW] Khaos Server - Noob Friendly

Brand new server looking for new players alike! I am the head admin and will be adding more soon. These will be close friends of mine. We do no abuse nor ban others without a good reason. Just a fun server for players who are new or not. 200 player limit, no lag, very fast server!

Hosted by HFBServers!

If you would like to join, hit F1 at the server browser and type in “net.connect” and there you go!

If you have any questions or complaints, you can always toss me a PM or see if I’m on the server, my name will be Sykotik.

Hope to see some more players on soon!

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Up and running now! Had to restart the server! Hop on before all the resources are gone! Also added half the time for crafting objects.

Been playing on this server for about 15 minutes now and I love it. No lag and no problems!

Very good server :slight_smile: and friendly!

Thanks guys! Server is filling up nicely!

Ty for this server.

great ping and great community of diverse players! I’m excited to see where this one goes.

I will definitely recommend this to all my friends.