Brand new TTT server

Hi my name is Jonathan and I am currently hosting my own garrysmod TTT server but I have been having trouble getting people on it. Any tips?


Any help would be great

  • Jonathan

Have you forwarded your ports?

Yes but very little people still join… :\

So, are you saying people CAN join but you don’t know how to get your playerbase up?

Do what I did, and just sit in your own server for a few hours a day. After a couple of days, my server started consistently getting 20+ players a day, and shot up into the top 300 Garry’s Mod servers.

People want join servers that have people in them. No one wants to join an empty server. If you’re sitting in there, you’ll hopefully attract 2 or 3 people to your server. After that, people will start joining because they see that there are people playing. Then you’ll get players that will regularly return to your server (assuming you maintain it well, and they had a good time) and they’ll join your server even when it’s empty/has a low player count.

Also, at least in my opinion, it helps to have an attractive server name.

Why do active members of the community get banned for posting slightlty off topic posts and newbies with 2 posts can blatantly ignore the rules of this forum and advertise their servers here.

here is a tip: read the first thread in this forum