[Brand New Vanilla]ProRust6/16/14|Legit Admins|Airdrops|NoDura

Brand New Server!!
We Have 100 Slots
Our Admins will be Active and always on the look out for the players
We’ll Have Airdrops, most likely a day or so after everyone really starts playing and building.
No Durability. No Griefing. No Door Holding!
We will hold events for prizes also in the future.
We will also not be wiping unless desperately needing to.
Hope to see you guys soon!

IP: Net.Connect


Fresh Wipe!

100 Slots Available

NO DURA|NO Griefing|No Exploits

Door Holding Allowed!

Active Admins

Airdrops after 24-48 hours of server being up Plus Events for Prizes!

Come Join Us At: Net.Connect