Brand New WAR Server! [US]MULTIPLAY/Starter M4/Non-Decay/Instacraft/WAR/Sleeper


Looking for a fresh start on a brand spankin’ new** WAR **server?

Now would be your chance folks, hop in to the server, spawn yourself an M4 and get to work on building your epic fortress!

We use Rust++ and** RustEssentials** for mods and are always taking constructive criticism to make the server a better place to play.

The server is currently running with the NON-decay feature so barricades you put up will stay there until destroyed.

Hop in, say hello or shoot the person person on sight. :slight_smile:

The ip is :
Server is called : [US]MULTIPLAY/Starter M4/Non-Decay/Instacraft/WAR/Sleeper

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

bump - the server is still very quiet, we need some people to make this their new home! Hop in lets chat a bit and make this place better suitable for everyone!

Bump - We want a war!!!