Brand Spankin New! US East [PvP, DoorShare, Sleepers, Full Craft, Nerf'd Econ]

This Server was instated on 01/21/14
Mods were loaded and all experiments were completed before attempting to populate.

This Server is now ready and was wiped 01/23/14 (or 23/01/14 for the rest of the world)

US East [PvP, DoorShare, Sleepers, Full Craft, Nerf’d Econ]

Server is in Northeast US and can hold up to 100 players.
Server is just opening it’s doors today.

Be some of the first people to get in for uncontested resources and real estate!
Bring the whole clan, large groups are welcome!

Full Sleeper
Full Crafting
PvP -Always- On
AirDrop is set high to 66/100 players (Economy System Provides Supply Signals) This may lower depending on requests and balancing

Oxide Mods:
DoorShare (share your doors)
Location (gives you your local coordinates)
Private Messaging (send people whispers/tells)
PvP Death Messages (know who’s hunting who)
Chat History (reveals chat that has faded)
Economy (Greyhawks Econ mod) (Revised to Prevent Exploits and to make it PvP Centric)
*Admin Mute Player: Incase we get a case of the hardspammers.

Once we achieve 50+ players we will start hosting special events for prizes.
All Events will be hosted in distant corners of the world as to not bother people who aren’t interested.

    "Rock Club"                     = Last Man Standing Battle Royale with Rocks.
    "Hoe-Down Throw-Down" = How good are you with a Pipe Shotgun?
    "Parkour!"                       = A test of your WADS Agility.
    "DM & TDM"                    = Specialized Arenas will be built for different weapon types

Why we’re starting this server:
Our Clan got tired of the rubber-banding on official servers so we went venturing into community servers… We had some problems.

Some admins were constantly restarting the server… (we don’t believe in this; our trials/mod-loads are already complete)
Some admins were toggling PvP off for events… (we don’t believe in this; it’s a core feature and we leave it on -always-)
Some admins were “balancing” clan wars by giving the weaker groups guns/c4 instead of letting nature run it’s course… (we don’t believe in this; we let Darwin tackle this one)
Some admins were Banning people based on chat hear-say… (we don’t believe in this; solid evidence will be collected before issuing any Bans)
Some admins were Banning people they Didn’t like… (we don’t believe in this; it’s not a popularity contest and we all don’t need to get along)

Some Servers were too Mod-Heavy for our taste. We’re using a fairly minimal set of Mods
Some Servers used unfiltered Mods that are easily exploited. We’ve Tailored our Economy Mod to prevent exploiting

                We look forward to seeing you guys in there,

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Scratch Doorshare Mod, there was an update while I was typing this post ^^^