BraneWorlds: Episode 4

Another episode of Braneworlds for you. Looks like episodes of this length are going to be the norm from now on.

Would have been finished quicker, if not for the deadlines of various pieces of work I had to finish. I’ll try to get an episode out once per month from now on.

This episode’s title card was based on the 1927 sci-fi “Metropolis”.

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Episode 2
Episode 3

Well, as usual, HazLife does it again. A very original and engrossing read. It’s great to see another comic maker that actually makes quality comics with great layouts and editing, instead of interactive stuff or something put together in a haste.

I do have to mention two things, though: first, there’s a few typos, like “belive” and “pyschic”, but nothing major; second, one of the first panels with Varrick is repeated.
Besides that, I do feel it to be a little off-putting that you use terms like “Midgard” and “Valkyrie”. While those terms would be pretty much unknown a decade ago, these days, with so much pop culture references to Norse mythology, it’s pretty easy to remember them, so it affects the suspension of disbelief a bit. But hey, it’s nothing wrong with the story itself, and it works (although Valhalla would’ve made more sense as the name of the universe).

Love these. Also, what font is that? I know it’s a comic font, but what is it?

The Norse terminology fits within the context of the story. Their universe isn’t something that just happens to have similarities to Norse mythology, it’s culture was purposefully created that way, although they don’t realize that. Sorry if that could be considered a spoiler, but I felt I should explain.


The main speech font I use is Anime Ace (, I find it fits as a general conversation font.

That’s okay, it isn’t necessarily a spoiler. And I understand the pick, I was just commenting how it didn’t really feel right to me. It’s just my opinion, of course, but original names might have been better.

Oh, wow. I have Anime Ace installed, why didn’t I recognise it?

Merlin! Next thing we know, King Arthur’s going to join Valkyrie 27!

Nevertheless, you’ve done it again. I almost feel as if this could’ve qualified as an anime show, perhaps TV show, maybe! I really think this has that potential to reach the heights of what Lost (maybe, I dunno. I didn’t like Lost) achieved. Great work, HazLife!

Great as always.

Some typos I picked up while reading:

Belive (“I belive it should be used”)

Also, I’m not certain if “colonisation” is a non-Americanized spelling of the world, but I believe that it is a typo and should be “colonization.” If it’s a non-Americanized spelling, please forgive my ignorance.

Damn these are good.

Appart from some typos this was yet again a work of greatness from you Haz. It’s like watching a real series!

All Hail HAZ LIFE!

Right on the mark. Mr. Lewton IS a king. He now leads an army witch will follow him to the ends of the multiuniverse.

Goddamn I don’t even have words for how good this is, story is top-notch so far and I’m liking what you’ve done with the thing.

Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

Great comic, like allways

Love it, the way you make everything in this comic really makes me believe this universe could exist.

Very captive story telling, cannot wait for the next one.

Your sci-fi stories are always in a class of their own. As always, I offer my full support; if you want a custom skin for this or your other series, I will make the time to get it to you.

keep loving these episodes they always remain great , good job

Only part I hated about this was “To be continued.”
Keep up the good work, Haz.

Had to read the other episodes to catch up.

As always from you Haz, I love it a lot.

and for some reason I rated it informative, oops.

Glad to see your comics are still as epic as ever. Keep them coming!