BRASIL SERVER-Vanilla, No Abuse, Airdrops, sleepers, No dura, WIPED 07/05

Hello you guys!

We just got a Brazilian Server! The ping is good, it’s located more south in EUA as possible, it’s lag free, and it’s official (not pirated)! Online 24/7

We got 3 Admins, one in console only and 2 at game.

Server is Vanilla, Manual Air Drops (not a problem cuz ADMs always on), No durability, No Backpack lock, PVP true, SHORT NIGHT TIME!

Any question just ask! You can PM me in portuguese!

Server is made for brazilians, but of course ALL PLAYERS are well invited to join us! All Adms speak portuguse and english!

Thx, and see u in RUST!

Hello! We just got our FB page done!

See you in game!