So when did I purchase this game, let me just take a look at my emails… Ahh, that’s it Monday, so it’s been around 6/7 days since my purchase and I have already played;

I do browse this section quite often, and all I seem to see is hate, bullshit and useless feedback. I mean this game is alpha and it has shown so much potential, so much fun. The fact that I am totally rich, owning everybody I see with my friends, to being raided and having absolutely nothing. Being attacked, watching raids come and go, patching up your house’s vulnerability’s and going out and doing what people did to you.

I have no doubt in my mind that a lot is going to be added, although there already is a hell of a lot, you know with fight arena’s, rock fighting for prizes and hiring naked cavemen to collect your wood for a pistol.

I am really pleased to say this but Rust is one of the best game’s I have ever played period, just fantastic.