Brawl Moveswap models around?

I wonder if it’s possible to remake the models of the move-swapped characters from SSBB, they are going to need re-rigging, stretching etc… Anyone good enough with Milkshape, Blender or even 3DS Max and decompiling able to do it? Because I can’t and don’t feel like it, Yoshidorf and Manchu are examples. Videos:

Moveset swapping 1st part Yoshidorf things, short though

Pika + Ganon & Mario + Luigi Manchu 4 on 4

Manchu Moveset

Manchu has appeared on Smash World Forums, get either the 2shared or Mediafire version or… HD Manchu 1 char slot …something on Kitty Corp Meow Mix… something else related to Manchu, is optional.

NOTE: This can be done with Yoshi too, don’t know. Try it (if you even want to or dare)

I’ll wait for any comments, take your time lads/ladies

I could be talking out of my ass right now, but someone could get the rig for Pikachu and Gannondorf from brawl and then match the scale of Pikachu’s bones to Gannondorf’s after it has been skinned.

I’m gonna bump so that you people can get a chance to comment, feel free to write at least something

Hurry up and comment, people. I’m waiting… This thread is about the characters with stretched-looking bodies

its nobody here, we don’t know

Is that what you say? OK, but we COULD use screenshots and such in order to re-make (or try to re-make) Yoshidorf for example

We could try ripping [Manchu]-[1slot]-[FitGanon05].rar for Ganondorf, I think. Hope it works, perhaps that will remove the need of re-making Manchu