Brawl Ragdoll Thread

here is the new one since the old one is unavailable due to the update:

to get caught up on the old stuff here is a link to the old thread:

the second thread:


Vert092’s Models


Link skins

first (youtube meme shit)

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Luigi, did you get Ganon’s eyes to work? Or do you still having problems?
Oh and nice job on the hat replacements and models.

These are excellent models, luigimario!

yeah they are, I’ve been procrastinating on the brawl models while I was working on the cook costume for the pyro, I was going to put oven mits on the pyro, but I thought well the pyro wears the rubber gloves for a reason, so I guess pyro doesn’t really need oven mits, but I did make a version with them and it looked kinda bad

Still can’t wait to see 'em all, but mainly Daisy.

Why do the threads get closed due to an update anyways?
Is there a page limit or something?

Anyways, I’m lookin forward to gannon so I can make awesome pictures of him fighting link.
Can we expect a release of the pack before the years end?

Yes, Nintendawg. The threads get automatically closed when they exceed 2,000 posts, as it appears.

I really don’t know to be honest, I’m busy figuring out Ganondorf’s eye problem, I would have released him by now if I figured it out

Well, I’m here. So, this project’s gone through two threads, and is on the third. Well, I’ll still be supporting you guys, so good luck on whatever’s left.

I may need to ask Fluxmage about the issues later on

Oh that is awesome. Do I have to unlock whatever TF2 hat this replaces or is it one of the few hats available from the start?

yo have to unlock the rubber glove hat

Thank you for making a new thread, luigimario.
I’m still preparing my big beta-testing/review of your brawl pack + ganondorf. Maybe tomorrow it will be ready.

do you guys rather me release Ganondorf how he is now, or wait till I fix his eye problem

I say wait. Why release something which isn’t fully finished? Good things come to those who wait.

Perhaps if you release it, the community can provide a fix?

Just wait till you fix it up. I think that’s best right now.

Better idea to wait as of the moment, can you post a screen shot of Gannons eye problem? I don’t exactly see how it’s screwed up.