Braxen's Furniture

To be used in my upcoming server, hopefully. I’m aiming for a full house set.
Everything is modular and modelled on an 1x1 metre grid.

Some kitchen and living room done already. 17k tris in total for everything so far.

(blender renders)


This is really cool! What is your server going to be about?

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Looks great! Keep it up!

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A mix between gmod tower and an rp server, without any set jobs or text commands, as in fully integrated into the game world. that’s my plan. a continuation of my gmod servers

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Sounds really cool! Can’t wait to play it

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side table plus some decoration props


clap first thing ingame


This kind of stuff is what excites me for the future of this game. While it may not seem like a lot to the normal player, the amount of effort and detail that went into these is what is going to propel this game going forward. Immediately when seeing this I remembered my times playing PERP on Garry’s Mod, and how the gameplay was supposed to be immersive and as realistic as possible, but all of the props were heavily outdated and just didn’t seem to be unique to the gameplay. These models are what I could see in a furniture store people would buy to furnish their apartments, helping add more interactiveness into this game. Keep up the good work!

Coding a gamemode is certainly going to be interesting, extremely different from gmod, more like making your own game from scratch with no base.

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What are the polycounts on these? Specifically the couch.

Braxnet finally making a return :smirk:

3,156 triangles. that’s the same thing, right?

To my knowledge, yes. Not as many as I was expecting.


i definitely need to make a new logo yeah