Breach and Clear

I made the blood effects by just kind stumbling around and trying random stuff, kinda happy how they turned out in the end.

Suddenly, world war two guy on the left!

i like the angle and posing but whats up with the dof only blurring out textures?
and also; what crazy knife just said

I did the dof in photoshop using a z-pass image but that usually doesn’t blur edges properly, I blurred them some manually but it probably wasn’t enough.
Also why world war two guy? He has an AKM and like 80s camo and gear.

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There, I think I made the dof a little better on the edges.

I very much like.

Posing doesn’t have a natural feel to it. A bit like wax models.

Aside from the minor wonky posing it’s a good shot.

The legs of the black uniformed soldiers can spread further apart. If their feet were together, chances are they are going to fall on their ass from the recoil.

It is not WWII, it just just how some Middle Eastern soldiers are equipped up until very recently.

Here are some pictures from the Iran/ Iraq war during the 1980s.

Now, everyone is all tacticool…