Breach n Clear

A scene FX5 made hes mah bro thats if you were around in 2007 :slight_smile:


EDIT: tell your brother this

I can see plenty of clipping, like the far left soldier’s boot going into the ground, don’t use gmod blood, always turn your graphics up to max for a screenshot, set jpeg quality to 100.

The dead body posed is also a little odd, and it’s very obvious you shot those bullet holes yourself, why are there crossbow bolts in conventional warfare?

You really need to learn about editing things in yourself.

I Think it’s very well created and the sas pose it’s also great!

i dont edit lol and he would of edit this if he had time

also idk why he add crossbow bolts i told him not to lozl

Eh, not the best.

Don’t spam in-game blood, better yet don’t use it at all. Edit that in yourself.

Then put it in the edit this screenshot thread.

If you want good screenshots, then you really need to learn how to edit.

i would its just i dont wanna buy a $9001 (joke) product

GIMP, google it.

sigh fine ill use gimp

Yea well…

Hah! lol your funny mate!