"Breaching, Breaching!" - TF141s are Breaching into building.


No off-screen enemies? Ace!

A bit too much motion blur on Ghost’s arms/hands/gun, but everything else is nice. Except for the muzzleflash.

Pretty cool. Kinda empty though and the effects are too obviously copy+paste/brush-work.

It looks more washed out than smoky.

I am not a fan of pictures involving ‘soldiers shooting at other soldiers’, but at least you didnt let them shoot at offscreen enemies this time

The posing looks good!

Not so generic stuff this time :smile:
Looks good.

really nice, good job
but why is the muzzle blue?

Looks great, but indeed the blur is excessive.

Looks like my butt.

hmmm… nice posing, but seriously how in the world can you make the door stay open ? i can’t do it for shit, and private models ? Also the blurr looks terrible on ghost, and plus the russian’s legs with the striker are clipping to the ground