Breaching Charge

i want to have a breaching charge for my rp server for one of my classes what i wan is it to be just like the door ram but it has a timer about half the time of a lockpick and a very small blast radius that injures players i would like it to have the c4 model from css would any1 be able to do this for me

Use search please.

that explodes doors it does not open them

READ please

  1. Learn some grammar.
  2. Why not look at the code in my link at do something for it yourself. You can’t have everything served on a silver dish.

To be fair this is the requests section…
Ill consider making it :slight_smile:



dude dont correct peoples grammer because 1 you cant do it right 2 there is nothing wrong with what i just said lol

thanks is correct that is what i posted
thank’s is not correct are you trying to say thank is or do you think thank has possession of something?

  1. Why not look at the code in my link at do something for it yourself. You can’t have everything served on a silver dish.

here you are wrong 2 seems like a simple misspell

in my link at do something
do you mean
in my link AND do something?

Can’t we all just get along? :frowning:


Ha Ha you are telling people to correct there grammar and you cant even say “Thanks” right.
You don’t have apostrophes in that word,so please do not tell people they need to fix their own grammar.

Yeah and you correct me now.

  1. “Ha Ha” is in one word.
  2. You said “correct there grammar”. It’s THEIR
  3. And there is no decimal point after the last “ha”

Wow, you have so much double standards…

And if it should be all correct, you mingebags should rate me dumb. And all that’s against me - Rate them Agree. :v:

God, grammar nazis are so pathetic.


Is “haha” in the Dictionary? Also, that ‘decimal point’ is called a period. Nice try though :smiley:

UPDATE!!!: According to the Dictionary, it’s spelled “ha-ha”. So you’re both idiots. GG

so back on topic can any1 give me a definite yes that they will do this for me?

Lol can a moderator close this thread… its become a flame fest.

I can’t give a definate yes that i will do this but i can give a definate yes that if nobody else does it before i get around to it then i will do it :slight_smile:


I would like to think people are capable of being civil and this thread doesn’t need to be closed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to go ahead and correct you Limee because you are obviously an idiot when it comes to grammar because in the dictionary it states that what you would spell “haha” is spelled ha ha.
And you must need some glasses because because there was never a decimal point.
Dont go around trying to correct people when you cant even correct yourself,sloppy and pathetic.

I stand corrected.