breaching charges instead of battering ram?

I had this idea of the police in darkRP had breaching charges instead of battering rams.
If someone could make a breaching charge based on Mad Cows charge, but that it could only be planted on doors that belongs warranted players.
In that way, it would not be any random searching with these, plus that it would be really awsome. I wish they could just add a shipment of the originals, but it would be used all the time. Still, the shotguns are doing its job in blowing doors up.
So, I’m asking if this is possible, and if it is, please, someone make it.

Will this work for you? I didnt make it but I thought this would help…

In my opinion, the battering ram does a shit-ton more considering it can freeze/unweld props therefore opening a building up faster.
Charges… They don’t require a warrant, and they can crash the server.

The battering ram seems the better of two evils.