Breaching houses

I know this is just pre-alpha and devs are working hard but I wanted to report that issue, in the latest patch we can read :
• Melee no longer damages wood walls (for now)
But that’s pretty useless because people can still destroy doorways with melee, I mean 2-3 guys can break into your house in less than 3 minutes, so protecting doorways from melee would be great, while waiting for next tier buildings,
Thank you.

That’s what metal doors are for.

I think that fix was mainly because people could break into walls faster than doors.

we want people to be able to break doors, otherwise you cant get into a house and then there would be a place you are completely safe, and that breaks the claustrophobic atmosphere of the game

Yeah but people don’t bother hiting the metal door, they can HATCHET the DOORWAY, the wooden thing around your door :slight_smile:

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I’m not talking about doors, I’m talking about doorways.

Maybe put 3 metal door next to each other for now?
EDIT: Just logged in and realized someone had knocked down all my doorways. We need a fix.

I’m pretty sure you cant stick doors too close to each other so no, we just need a fix, or building houses is useless, unless you’re like 20 defending it.

Pat just came by and said he’s working on the problem.

Oh great, thanks for the information, and thanks Pat, love their reactivity!