break tape

how do you get that tape from L4D that breaks on touch¿ i need it

…Police “Do Not Cross, Crime Scene”, tape?

Trigger brush around the tape, ontrigger tape break?

It’s a move_rope entity. The police line is simply another rope texture. I think there’s a ‘break on touch’ flag.

Yeah, but the breaking on touch might not be there. I knew it was a rope ent, just there’s a break function.

Make a move_rope entity along with a keyframe_rope entity (move_rope can also be used for keyframe_rope). Make sure to name them. Change the texture to the texture you want. There might be a flag or an option to let the rope break, select it (Be sure not to pick the one that says break on spawn). Create a brush with all sides as the orange trigger texture and make it a trigger_once. On the outputs tab create an output and set it up like this:
OnStartTouch>keyframe_rope (Or the move rope, whatever side you want to break)>Break (I think it’s break).

L4D ropes are different and break on touch anyway I think.

why is it so dificult to do this? surley valve would have done it simpler… Jug it ill just look on the SDK map and copy paste it :v: