Break the Laws of Physics?

Is there an addon or tool that can break the physics or “whatever you call it” to allow people to say stand in vehicles. In other words, if they are standing on something it doesn’t matter how fast that something goes or its velocity, but the person will stay on the something. Or do I have to use the crappy seats that Garry’s Mod has implemented?

On a side note, is there an addon allowing the restriction of pvp in certain areas such as spawn?

You might want to look into the Gravity Hull Designator. It has something like that for props, so you can build a vehicle and actually be able to walk around in it like normal.

I’m not exactly sure I understand what you want, but you may want to check Gravity Hull … I forgot the third word, sorry.

Edit: Ninja’d above.

Thanks so much! Does anyone know about my other inquiry?