Break Time

I feel like the DoF should be pushed back a little bit, and a little more intense.

Also, a lamp / directional light could help with the pic.

Editing-wise it’s not really thread worthy imo, but posing-wise it looks great…The eyelines, the hand resting playfully on the stunstick, it all captures the tension very nicely!

Although i wasn’t intending for the image to look “tensiony” I was more going for the look that they’re just hanging out and the CP was bored, and started playing with his stunstick. then they see something weird down the path.

I can kinda see how it would look that way though. Like the the citizen is trying to avoid eye contact and the cop is playing it all “Friendly Psycho”

Hard to convey things going on outside the scene with just one image that doesn’t show the angle they’re seeing things at.

The slight balancing touch of the stick with the metrocop’s hand captures well the playfulness with which the combine approach their job which mainly involves decisions of life and death. Well captured.