Break Time...

After defending the points Hoovy takes a break untill…

Hope you played Strider.

I didn’t get it. He stole his sandvich? Original.

There’s way too many TF2 shorts anyways. Can we give these a rest?

He stole it as a payment. Redmont hired Strider Scout hence special group called Strider have excellent skill at demolition, kidnapping and assasination. There were few members and Redmont decided to take Strider Scout not only he pays by Sandviches and other edible stuff from Mann Co. but also bears a resemblance to the Scout(or perhaps he is one of his 7 brothers). He secretly helps RED. Due to that sometimes Scout gets a blame if Strider Scout makes a mistake. Teammates sees Strider Scout as a Scout with scraf and Invisible Watch packed with melee weapons.

It’s like watching your English teacher over-analyze a book.

It’s like making a story for your “Original Character”

Oh wait that’s exactly what it is.

where did you get that naruto model?