Break / Truckstop[/t] [t][/t]

Basically good / bad. Trying to expand scenes more through more realistic lighting and detail.

Break Time Truckstop

Some extra stuff.

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Are those real? Fields

The second pose is inspired by a photo, linked here.


it all looks great broski, don’t pull yourself down

◄-- is such an asshole, he can’t stop think about how you used shock troopers wrong.

I gotta agree. The pictures look amazing no doubt. But the Empire will not have Aliens as their stormtroopers (Atleast I think so.)
They also don’t take their helmets off. I’d let the humans without helmets slide. But the alien is bugging me :c Good job though!

This is insanely good man, keep it up.

I believe the grass isn’t responding very well to your lights, most of it (especially in the truck picture) looks like entire clumps are either fully lit, half-lift, or not lit at all, without actual shadow variance. Some of it is also inconsistent in the girl/field picture, and the first picture as well. Kind of a turn off next to the otherwise good technical quality of the rest.

Oh hey, you’re doing more complex scenes. Keep at it imo.

Tbh Luxuria, you have the skills and i reckon that you can make very complex scenebuilds, but you are wasting your talent on a smaller scale and you don’t have a very big scope. While your smaller scale work is great, i sometimes find it lazy and i’d like to see you expanding your talent to more varied stuff.

wait i want those alien heads

are there more than the twi’lek

Pretty much the whole point of the first two poses, I’m still working at it though.

Yeah, the grass’ response to lighting was out of my hands. The inconsistency was a lazy move by me to create fullness. Thanks for the advice.

Was more a test of head swapping with Stormtrooper models, you’ll see less of it now so don’t fret.