Breakable floors?

So, I’ve seen in a lot of video that someone walks on a floor, and the floor breaks. HOWEVER, it breaks into seperate pieces of the floor instead of cinderblocks and glass and stuff.

Or am I imagining this?
If not - how would one do this?

What video are you talking about, can you provide an example?
It’s most likely to be a split brush with a trigger mark enabled were a player would walk through, and it’d break.

Yeah, what Zelo said basically.

What you would want to do is set up a trigger brush on the floor area you want to have broken, so when the player steps in the volume of the trigger the floor is then told to be broken.

You will also need a func_breakable brush for the floor. Set the material type to wood ( if it’s a wood floor of course, if not use glass, concrete, etc. ) You will also need to name this brush.

For the trigger, make an output that goes like this:

  • OnTrigger
  • Name of the func_breakable brush goes here
  • Break

It’s up to you how detailed you want the aftermath to be, because creating a hole in the center of the floor with a perfectly square breakable floor would look highly unrealistic.

I think he is wanting to have the floor break more realistically than a func_breakable. Like a section of cut up brush (the broken pieces) frozen, and then when triggered, they unfreeze and fall through. That’s how i would do it.

Clip the brush into a whole bunch of segments and make them each func_physboxes and set them to freeze on spawn, then use a trigger to unfreeze them.

I think.

Yeah there’s several ways you can execute it, but I was just teaching him the basics to actually make it work.

I usually use a complex set of teleports, func_breakables and func_physboxes to create a relatively realistic looking break, which teleports all the pieces over AFTER the func_breakable is broken. Looks far better with lighting too, it stops lighting/aa bugs from revealing it.

I try to construct it realistically with physboxes, say it’s made of wood, freeze all, then when its triggered let the supporting elements break and unfreeze the rest a split of a second later. If theres not enough splinters flying around add some small brushes somewhere and let em break into relatively large gibs.

with “freeze all”, do you mean “Motion Disabled/Enabled” in Hammer?

Fucking 3kliksphillip started this trend, I remember it so clearly :saddowns:

This works excellent :buddy:

Yeah, with his so-called “FAKE DMM”.

Way what?

Hate him…

What’s wrong with Fake DMM? It looks better.

It’s not even Fake DMM, DMM pre-calculates where the object will break, source can in no way replicate this, therefore not even fake DMM.

3kliks made a massive cock up with his fake dmm…but that’s not the point.

Ok. For a floor that breaks in a realistic fashion, you would use func_breakable. Don’t even bother making it complex…source cannot handle physics very well. A good way to make it look good however, is to use glass floors with the func_breakable_surf entity.

Remember, the more complex something is, the shitter it will look when it doesn’t work right, and the longer it will take to debug.

The other way to do this would be to make a model, kind of similar to the breakable door model in l4d.

If you want realistic physics, you are using the wrong engine.

It’s okay, I already found a way to solve it with physboxes. Quite handy, and doesn’t lag at all like I expected it to do.