Breakable glass texture.

Why does my glass texture look like this?

It looks nothing like the breakable glass in other maps, even though it is the same texture. I’m using the breakable glass texture glass/glasswindowbreak070a

When broken.

Align the texture so that line in the middle isn’t there (Use the justify, no line should be on the window at all)
Then it would look better. And the other maps don’t have that line in the middle, that’s why.

fit it to the brush

Go into Map Properties, and make sure “Is world cold?” is set to “No”.

So what your saying is… the line isn’t there in other maps because it isn’t there?

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How do I do this? Sorry, I have mapped before but never really messed with textures very much.

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Will try, thanks.

Use the buttons in the “Justify” area to align the texture on the face. They mean left, right, fit (to the face), top, bottom, and center respectively.

More information at

Did this and made sure world is cold was set to no. It moved the black marks to the edges of the face but they are still quite noticable. They are most noticeable on the nodraw side of the brush.

Try increasing the scale of the texture then centering it.
You’ll notice in this screenshot I made three separate windows, the first has the texture modification, the second has the texture “fit” onto it, and the third I increased the X and Y scale then centered it.

You may have to mess with it a bit to get it to look right.

I see, it mostly worked but smudges are still visable. I am disappointed that valve didn’t make a better texture.

you can make your own if you want :v:

I have the same problem. What’s weird is, I swear the texture never used to have that line when I started out mapping.

That just means extra downloads for any clients.

Can always pakrat it into the .bsp, unless you meant download time or something…