Breakable windows or not?

This is more of a discussion for the roleplaying maps for Garry’s Mod.

Most, if not all roleplaying maps have breakable windows.
Now this might add realism to the map and the roleplaying, it can also be annoying for those who are being annoyed by bad roleplayers.
A lot of people (Including me) do their best to block the windows so that they can’t be broken. (some just slam a prop against the wall… but thats not the point.)

Therefor, should the windows in the roleplaying maps be breakable or unbrakeable?
Realism Vs. Functionallity

(really no one wants constantly broken windows)

I say no. too easy to break even accidentally.

They’re just wasting of ent_data.

Depends. You should make it so that they aren’t easily broken, and can be repaired manually somehow.

Waste of ent_data. People shouldn’t be smashing windows anyway. Unless it’s a zombie RP script or some post-apoc one.

Have them breakable, but have them repair themselves fairly quickly, like after a minute or so. That way you can still have realistic break-in scenarios without having the windows as a permanent doorway inside.

And have the cops on whatever server is hosting this to arrest window breakers for vandalism.